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Muncle Mikes Kids: GAMING Fund

Muncle Mikes Kids: GAMING Fund

Muncle Mikes Kids! Imagine if you can being 7 or 10 and finding out that you may die. Now imagine that all you have to do is sit in a hospital bed and get poisoned by chemo and feel the pain of radiation burn inside as well as outside you frail little body. NOT FAIR! so, Muncle Mikes provides entertainment, distraction and normalcy. 

We use these funds to provide boys AND girls with the things that make them happy. 100% of your donations go straight to the toy fund and right into the child’s hands. Toys, toys, and more toys! 

You can also help by giving to the… 
Hot Wheels Fund  
LEGOS Fund  
Barbie Fund  
Gaming Station Fund


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