Custom Hot Wheels Rims and Rubber Tires - White 5 Spoke Wheels - Off Road 4X4 Rubber Tires

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Custom Hot Wheels Rims and Rubber Tires - White 5 Spoke Wheels - Off Road 4X4 Rubber Tires

These are super sweet and look amazing on hot rods and race cars alike!

  • 2 12mm Wheels And Off Road Rubber Tires 
  • 2 12mm Wheels And Off Road Rubber Tires 

These are NOT A STAGGERED set. Enough to do 1 full wheel swap


Builders Notes:
These fit many Hot Wheels and or Matchbox cars and trucks! They are meant for the 1/64 size cars. Some cars, axles and wheels don't fit, might fight and of course can be made to fit. You're going to ruin some...

10mm wheels are generally used up front and are the smaller tires and wheels
12mm wheels are generally used in the rear are the smaller tires
14mm wheels are not used a lot but can be neat on open fendered cars and Hot Rods


YOU'RE THE BUILDER! But, I'm always here to help! 

PLUS they ship same day in most cases... NO WAITING!