DIY Hot Wheels Car Kit - 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon - Build Your Own Custom Hot Wheels!

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DIY Custom Hot Wheels Kit 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Custom Bare Metal Hot Wheels Build Your Own Custom Hot Wheels!

Whether you're a pro builder or looking for something awesome to do with the kids or on your own? This is a great way to start! All the hard work's been done and it's ready for your creative genius! 

Paint it how you like! Do things the way you want! It's your Hot Rod to build!

These awesome do it yourself Hot Wheels Kits come ready to paint. When you're done just click them back together with your favorite model glue or rubber cement! 

Don't forget to get a nice display case for your finished hot rod!! 

Builders Tips:

This is a 10mm - 12mm wheels size car from the factory

  • These awesome custom Hot Wheels kits are stripped and ready to paint. We recommend Dupli-Color automotive paints
  • Make sure and get yourself a decal sheet and some custom wheels to go with your hot rod
  • The kits are designed to "click together" but you may want to use your favorite model glue for extra hold
  • Use the same painting system, scratch fill primer, top coat, clear coat
  • Make sure and check out the Hot Wheels how to videos over on our YouTube channel