Muncle Mikes Hot Wheels Adventure Pack - Track - Hot Wheels Cars - DIY Hot Wheels in Each Box



Muncle Mike's Hot Wheels Adventure Box Is Packed With Cars, Sweet Tracks & MORE At An Amazing Value

The Ultimate Hot Wheels Hot Rodders Box! Packed with cars, sweet tracks and cool goodies each month! This is by far the most complete Hot Wheels race fan box. No Where Else Can You Design, Customize & Create Your Own Custom Hot Wheels Cars With DIY Hot Wheels Kits

Jam Packed Box Including a Launcher!

5 Hand Picked Cars In Each Box

1 Super Cool Mystery Car In Each Box! Surprises Are Always Awesome!

Track Accessories & Connectors For Customizing & Building!

THE SWEET PART! Each Box Comes With A Super Awesome DIY Hot Wheels Car To Custom Build & Race!

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