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Hot Wheels Wheels - Hot Wheels Rims - Hot Wheels Rubber Tires - Hot Wheels Replacement Wheels

Hot Wheels Wheels - Hot Wheels Rims - Hot Wheels Rubber Tires - Hot Wheels Replacement Wheels


Custom wheels and rubber tires for your favorite Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars! From BBS style wheels to Hot Rod Mags, Real Riders, Low Riders and so much more! Fun, easy and super cool. Watch the Hot Wheels How To on No Drill Hot Wheels Wheels Swaps and grab your wheels and roll!!! 


Builders Notes: These fit many Hot Wheels and or Matchbox cars and trucks! They are meant for the 1/64 size cars. Some cars, axles and wheels don't fit, might fight and of course can be made to fit. You're going to ruin some...

10mm wheels are generally used up front and are the smaller tires and wheels
12mm wheels are generally used in the rear are the smaller tires
14mm wheels are not used a lot but can be neat on open fendered cars and Hot Rods


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