How Did Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts Get Started ... Jump in the Wayback Machine to 1995

How Did Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts Get Started ... Jump in the Wayback Machine to 1995

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts began in 1995 and are considered to be one of the most popular series of Hot Wheels cars ever produced. The idea behind them was to create a series of cars that were highly sought after and limited in production. The first series of Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts featured 12 cars, each of which had a special logo on the packaging that identified it as a Treasure Hunt car. The logo changed with each series and the cars were often harder to find than regular Hot Wheels releases.

The cars were originally released in the United States but eventually became available in other countries as well. The cars were usually packaged in special "treasure hunt" boxes and often featured exclusive designs and decos. They were designed to be highly collectible and to drive up demand. The cars often had a premium price point due to their limited availability and exclusive designs, which made them highly desirable to collectors.

Today, Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts are still highly sought after and remain popular among Hot Wheels collectors. They are often featured in Hot Wheels collector clubs and conventions, and regularly fetch high prices at auctions. They are also featured in many online stores and outlets, making them accessible to all collectors.

In 2004, Hot Wheels released its first ever “Treasure Hunt Super Tuner” set. This set consisted of four special vehicles with realistic details and custom wheels. The set also included a special display case for the cars.

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